Good Winter Fishing

Report Date: March 24, 2019

The fishing has been good over the past month. The weather has been nice and the fish have been biting.

Live baiting has been the preferred method the past month. This is done by suspending baits from the kite along side of the boat. Some are sent deep and some on the surface. This type of fishing has been producing mahi, sailfish, mutton snapper, red grouper, kingfish, shark and barracuda.

  When the winds have been light we have been deep dropping several chunks of dead bait on the bottom with a heavy lead.Yelloweye snapper, vermillion snapper, porgy, and tile fish are mainly the ones we have been pulling up from the depths.

  Swordfishing is also an option when the wind is dead and the seas are calm. I have made several sword trips getting lucky to catch one each trip. There have also been a few hammerhead sharks lurking at night while we swordfish.

  Inshore fishing has been good to us when the seas are to rought to meander offshore. Live baiting pilchard under structure, docks and bridges have assembled snapper, pinfish, jack crevalle, and sea trout.

Sorry for the delayed report but it has been a busy past few weeks. Hope to get you out fishing soon.You can send an email or call me at 754-244-2531 if you would like to book a trip.

  Capt. Fred David
Frick and Frack Fishing Charters


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