Frick and Frack - Miami Fishing Charters

Frick and Frack Fishing Charters is a third generation, family owned and operated deep sea fishing charter service. We are based near Haulover Inlet in North Miami Beach and have been extremely successful fishing Miami coastal waters and vicinity.

We offer four, eight, or twelve hour fishing excursions for an experience never to be forgotten. Special custom trips are also available. Our crew will cater to the novice,  professional tournament angler, and big game hunter.

Our 27 foot Conch, powered by twin Suzuki 250 hp outboard engines, is fully equipped with all current USCG safety equipment, state of the art electronics, and is tournament rigged with the highest quality equipment. We fish with tackle as light as two pound and as heavy as 130 pound test. We use both spinning and conventional tackle. Fishing methods include live baiting, trolling, kite and drift fishing.

Our proximity to the Gulf Stream  provides an array of fish species including, but not limited to,  dolphin (mahi-mahi), tuna, wahoo, marlin, sailfish, shark, swordfish, snapper, grouper, cobia, kingfish, permit, African Pompano, amberjack, tarpon, snook, jack, and barracuda.

Specializing in Live Baiting, Sailfishing & Deep Sea Swordfishing Charters

Miami has become a top destination for sailfishing and swordfishing. There are 2 distinct methods for battling the “Gladiator of the Sea” and they are referred to as nighttime and daytime swordfishing – for obvious reasons.  In nighttime swordfishing, multiple baits are deployed near the upper portions of the water column to capture these nocturnal feeders.  In daytime swordfishing, baits are dropped near the bottom in over 1000' of water. Bait presentation is extremely technical and time consuming - a day of fishing resulting in one swordfish is considered a success.   Below is a video of daytime swordfishing where we hooked 4 swordfish, and caught 4 swordfish – spectacular!

Angling Accomplishments

Captain Freddie David has been fishing on the family boat since he was two years old.  He learned valuable fishing skills and a hard work ethic from his grandfather, Bob Tesher, Dad (Bennett), and older brother Jimmy. As a result of their teaching and commitment to teamwork, Freddie has won many prestigious tournaments. Some of the highlights are: four consecutive Junior Master Angler titles in the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament, the “MET;” Ft. Lauderdale Billfish Tournament Top angler; Pompano Beach Rodeo Top Angler; and Gold Coast Triple Crown; other crew members accomplishments include:

  • 2003 3rd Place Darkside of the Moon Swordfish Tournament
  • 2004 3rd Place Darkside of the Moon Swordfish Tournament
  • 2004 1st Place leg II Darkside of the Moon Swordfish Tournament
  • 2005 2nd place From Dusk till Dawn Swordfish Tournament
  • 2006 3rd place Hydrowglow Summer Swordfish Slam
  • 2007 3rd place Hydroglow Summer Swordfish Slam
  • 2008 1st place Burnt Out Daytime Swordfish Tournament
  • 2009 1st place Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo
  • 2010 2nd place Pompano Beach Rodeo
  • 2011 2nd place Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo
  • 2011 1st place ABC Gold Coast Fishing Classic