Wind,Wind,and more Wind

Report Date: November 1, 2016

Over the past three weeks it has been blowing north east between 20-35 mph. Hardly any boats have beeen able to get out but it looks like it will finally get nice this weekend.

I spent the first part of the month fishing in Venice, Louisiana with some good friends of mine for a bachelor party. Venice is about 1 and a half hour drive from New Orleans. The game plan was to target yellowfin tuna so that is what we did. Both mornings we would catch live mullet around the mouth of the Mississippi River and then head offshore another 30-40 miles to where the shrimp boats were trawling. The first day we only stumbled across one yellowfin tuna but the other boat managed to catch 8 nice ones up to 130lbs. Day two we had a little better luck catching 3 yellows around 100 lbs right off the bat. We struggled for a few hours until another boat called us in on a big school. When we approached the other boat everyone was bowed over. It wasn't long until we were next. After throwing a few dead fish in the water there were nice yellowfins all around the boat. In about two hours time we landed 5 nice tunas and the captain and crew said it was time to head for the hills. We were done by 12:30 and left them biting!

  When I arrived back home I did a few reef trips. There we captured bonitas, dolphin, sailfish, and a few king mackeral. I only managed to do a few trips this month because of the strong winds.Luckily we were able to throw a few inshore trips in catching jack crevelles, sea trout, lady fish, snook, and tarpon. These fish were not giants but they are fun to catch on light tackle and give us another option when the weather is too bad to fish offshore.

  I still have several trips in November available and the fish should start biting after this blow. There hasn't been much boat pressure so i expect the fish will be waiting for us.

  If you would like to book a trip you can email me at [email protected] or give me a shout on my cell phone at 754-244-2531.


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