West Coast vs East Coast

Report Date: August 8, 2016

Sorry for my delayed report but I have been traveling the past few weeks. I was in Hawaii the first part of the month fishing the world cup with a client of mine and when I got back to Miami I jumped on a plane and fished Bermuda.

Fishing was slow in Hawaii for us. Out of the 7 days that were fished we only landed two small blue marlin. Hawaii is a beautiful place to see and the fishing can be incredible at times. Giant blue marlin, spearfish, striped marlin, black marlin, wahoo and big yellowfin tuna roam the area year round. Unfortunately my timing must have been off because the week before I arrived the local charter boats said that there was a good bite.
The unique thing when you fish Kona is that the water is calm do to the high mountains which block the trade winds. You can also be fishing in deep water just a few minutes from the harbor. One of the drawbacks is the pressure of commercial and charter boats pounding a confined area on a daily basis. All in all it is a spectacular place with breathtaking scenery. I would recommend visiting Kona to anyone who has not had the chance to visit.

  When I arrived in Bermuda we fished the Big Game Classic aboard the charter boat Wound up.Capt. James Robinson is in charge and has been fishing Bermudian water since he was a child. He has a winning tournament track record and all his tackle and boat are up to par. The first day we pre fished we captured a small blue and lost another. During the three day tournament we only caught one white marlin. On day two of the tournament we lost a big blue marlin north of 800lbs and pulled a few smaller ones off around the same time. Summertime in Bermuda is when the blue marlin come to spawn so it is not rare to see several small fish with the big ones. The fishing was very good while we were there with 3 blue marlin captured over 500lbs, one over 700, and a 936 lb. in the three day tournament.The day after the tournament we caught one blue marlin around 300lbs and lost another. Bermuda is a 21 mile long island with 71,000 people living on it. There is plenty of fishing pressure there as well but the fishing is spread out more with two banks and the island itself to choose from. Both Hawaii and Bermuda have there own unique features and I would desire anyone who has not been to make the journey and see these two beautiful places.

  When I reached Miami it was back to work. The first trip I made was a reef/swordfish trip. The reef started out very good catching eight bonitas and a 30 lb wahoo on the troll. Around mid morning we headed east and hooked a very big fish the second drop. After a 2 hour battle we had a 350 lb thresher shark alongside the boat with a 7 foot tail. What a sight to see!

  The next few reef trips had similar results with plenty of bonitas, a few wahoo, and a couple sailfish hooked on the troll. The mahi mahi have been slow this summer. I would imagine they will be here soon when the right conditions come in. There hasn�t been much sargassum weed this year which makes a habitat for small fish which the mahi�s feast on.

  I still have some availabilities towards the end of the month so if you would like to take the kids out fishing before they go to school nows a good time.


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