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Report Date: June 1, 2012

June is here and summer is on its way. The Royal poincianas are bright and beautiful, the mangos are in full bloom, and the light south east winds are here with your occasional afternoon thunderstorm. These are telltale signs to let us know springtime is over and the heat is on. Springtime fishing this year was outstanding and now it�s time to prepare for the summer bite. During the summer in South Florida there are numerous things to fish for. The calm weather lets us venture offshore which we cannot do in the winter. We offer many swordfish and bahama trips this time of the year. You can choose to go swordfishing in the day or night. The night is always a nice option, to avoid the humidity and stifling heat. The Bahamas makes a nice weekend as well. There you have great bottom fishing accompanied by good pelagic fishing ( yellowfin tuna, dolphin, wahoo, and marlin). As far as the inshore is concerned you can target tarpon, jack crevelle, and snook. Fishing the inlets and beaches works best for these inshore species.

On May 5, I fished with a good friend and client of mine Jacob and Izzy Rabinsky. We fished the Lantana fishing derby in Boynton Bch. I ran thirty miles north, to Jupiter Inlet. There were good reports of big kingfish just south of Jupiter Inlet. Izzy was letting the first bait out when he got a big strike. He fought the fish for about thirty minutes and pulled in a 30lb blackfin tuna. Unfortunately, tunas didn�t count in this tournament ,but it made some good table fare for Jacob and his dad to eat! We had consistent action throughout the day between sailfish, kingfish, bonitas, dolphin, and sharks. We hooked a big kingfish that would have put us in the money, but it later got eaten by a bull shark. Sharks were the thickest I�ve seen in twenty years.

  On May 6, I went to the Bahamas for the mutton snapper run with Michael, Santiago, and his son Danny. We fished two afternoons and ended up catching 24 muttons from 10-18lbs. The fish were all nice sized and a great fight on 30lb line. The last day the group wanted to fish the gingerbreads. We anchored and chummed for 2 hours and caught 40 flag yellowtails.

On May 11, I fished Miami with Jack Diamond and John Alekna. We started off bottom fishing and caught three big amberjacks up to 50lbs. We later tried a shallow wreck and caught 1-2 permit on spin. When the wind came up the boys wanted to kite fish for an hour. We put the rags up and caught 2-4 blackfin tunas and a big sailfish to end the day.

  On May 12,The same team was ready for more action. We found 12 nice mahi mahi offshore and tried the reef in the afternoon. There was no wind which made it difficult to fish the edge. We ended up chumming a bunch of tunas up that wouldn�t eat. With about 15 minutes left to fish Jack caught a 30lb. kingfish and a sailfish at the buzzer!

On May 13, I fished with Sam Fox and Dan Kollowitz. The wind was howling around 20-25 kts out the north east. The sailfish were tailing like crazy and the ocean was alive. We ended up with 6-10 sailfish, 2 blackfin tuna, and a 20lb dolphin.

  On May 14, I fished with Sam again. This time he brought his friends Matt, and Robby who is a competitive sailboat captain. We started the day fishing a deep ship wreck. We made 6 drops and caught 3 big amberjacks up to 70lbs. Later the group decided to push offshore and look for dolphin. Matt spotted a bird pile which led us to catch 6 nice mahis up to 25lbs. Later in the day when the wind came up we put the kites up for about two hours. With in minutes, both kite lines screamed out with two nice blackfin tunas caught by Matt and Robby. After the spread was deployed again Sam caught a nice kingfish on the flatline ,and Matt jumped off a sailfish.

  On May 17, I had an afternoon trip with Dmitri and Michael. We fished Govt. cut and caught Michael his first two sailfish followed by a nice blackfin tuna.

On May 19, I fished with Luis and Michael Machado. The game plan was to blast offshore and look for dolphin. About 8 miles out, there was a beautiful weed line. Within minutes of trolling we found a nice school and caught 20 dolphin. Moments after , a big storm chased us away so we decided to fish the reef the rest of the day. After about 30 minutes of fishing the edge we chummed up a pack of sailfish. They were chasing bait all the way to the boat. We caught two out of three and headed back to the barn.

As you can see the action has been very consistent the last few weeks. The good thing about fishing South Florida is you don�t have to run far, and you never know what you�re going to catch. Every day is different which makes it exciting. If you would like to go on a deep sea adventure now is the time!


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