Tuna Tango

Report Date: June 1, 2013

We are finally coming towards the end of spring and into summer. We have temperatures in the 90�s and humidity with afternoon thunderstorms. These are signs that summer is very close if not here already. Once again it has been a productive Spring with lots of activity on the water. The people who were fortunate enough to fish with me had some great catches and made some memories they will never forget.

May is the best month of the year for fishing Miami in my opinion. It proved it self this year with some very notable catches. The great thing about fishing May is the opportunity to catch big blackfin tuna. These fish migrate through our waters and within a blink of an eye they are gone. We fish for the tuna with live baits suspended from the kites and flat lines.
Towards the latter part of the month we were averaging between 5-8 tunas per trip with the average fish around 25 lbs. These fish are exciting to catch because we chum them up to the surface with live bait getting multiple strikes at one time. Not to mention they are great table fare.

  Asides from the tuna we caught this past month the dolphin fishing has also been very good. Spring time is when the big dolphin come into the reef to feed. We catch them with live baits and they put on a great fight jumping high in the air showing off there magnificent colors. There have also been a good concentration of smaller fish further off shore for those who care to venture out.

  The great thing about spring time fishing is the vast variety of fish you can catch. On May 19 we went5-12 on sailfish, 4 kingfish from 10-20lbs, 5 blackfin tunas up to 28lbs and 8 mahi from 6-25lbs. The next day we caught 7 tunas, one sailfish, and 3 kings. Following that day we caught a 24lb tuna 3 kings up to 20lbs, a sailfish, and a 150lb hammerhead shark on twenty pound test. These are just a few of the great catches we did last month. I could go on but instead I will post the pictures in the gallery.
As we wrap up the spring time I am getting ready for the summer. The good thing about the summer time is that the seas calm down enabling us to do different things. We do many Bahama trips this time of year for yellowfin tuna and bottom fish. We also spend more time offshore looking for dolphin and swordfish. If you like to inshore fish the snook fishing is also red hot in the summer.

  As you can see we have many options in the summer that we do not have the rest of the year. We have warm tropical weather conditions with flat calm seas most of the time. Wheather you�re a novice or a professional angler we will cater to your desires. So let�s go out, bend the rod, and most importantly have fun!


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