Red Hot Fishing

Report Date: April 5, 2016

Fishing has been very consistent over the past few weeks. As I always mention, springtime is my favorite time to fish South Florida do to the variety of species you can catch on a given day. Bait has been plentiful too which makes my life a lot easier.

  The sailfishing has been very stable the whole month of March and should continue until late May. A lot of people think that our peak sailfish time is in the winter but I beg to differ. The quantity and the quality of our Atlantic Sailfish are impeccable in April and May. We fished a tournament last weekend and out of 14 boats there were over 200 fish caught. That�s an average of 14 fish per boat.

  Asides from the sailfishing the reef has been covered with little tunny. These fish are migrating this time of year and there are a lot of predators that follow them looking for an easy meal. Some of the predators that follow are giant game sharks. Golden hammerheads, makos, threshers, sandbar, and bull just to name a few. We target these massive sharks with a dead bonito on the bottom, soaking in 200-300 ft. There were also a big push of giant yellowfin tuna hooked this week. These tunas average well over 100 lbs. Unfortunately do to the light tackle we use while sailfishing all of them were lost until yesterday. Lady Pamela caught the first one I�ve herd of which topped the scales at 180lbs.

I was fortunate to make a few Bahama trips this past month. We have been fishing Bimini and Chub Cay which is part of the Berry Island Chain. Fishing the Bahamas has produced lots of big mahi, wahoo, tuna,barracuda

  , sharks, marlin, snapper, and grouper. Chub cay is only 120 miles from Miami and the fishing can be excellent this time of year when the wind is right.

  I have another sailfish competition coming up this weekend then I head to Key West for the Final Sail tournament. After that, back to fishing Miami for my favorite time of the year. I am excited for spring fishing and hope that we can share some memories together.

Capt. Fred David


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