March Mayhem

Report Date: March 13, 2012

  Like usual March has roared in like a lion. The first two weeks of March has blown between 15-30mph every day. Last year when this happened the fish were swarming. This year it has been a bit slower. It has been slower than normal due to the warm weather we have been having. When the fishing is slow you just have to work a little bit harder to make things happen.

On March 2, I had the pleasure of fishing with a great group of guys Al, Chris, and Seth. They wanted to start the day early so I caught my bait in advance. My plan for the day was to run south to the county wrecks and work my way north. On the way down south I noticed a beautiful edge in front of Haulover. You could cut it with a knife it was so sharp. Bright blue on one side and dark green on the other. After following it for about fifteen minutes I noticed a sailfish free jumping. We baited the fish and waited about 10 minutes with no luck. This looked like a good place to start. Unfortunately it wasn’t. We fished for about two hours with only one mahi to show. So I went with my original game plan. I headed down to the wrecks. Around noon time we finally got lucky. A big sailfish at the kite bait with a threadfin herring attached to it. Seth was in for a battle. After a long fight Seth landed his first Atlantic Sailfish. It was all high fives after that.

  Drifting for about another two hours to the north it was almost quitting time. We had about an hour left on the clock to fish. While I was pushing offshore to get tot deeper water I noticed a giant explosion on the outside kite bait. This time Al grabbed the rod and the mystery fish ran off like a bat out of hell. Forty minutes later I looked down and saw a long and silver flash. A few moments later we pulled the fish up. It was a huge wahoo. The fish was well over fifty pounds and was the first one I have caught in a long time. What a way to end the day!

  A few trips later I had a father and son come out for a half day of fishing. Werner and Jimmy were from New Jersey and wanted to try to catch a sailfish. With the wind blowing out of the north and a nice swell I had a feeling today was gonna be there day. We started in shallow and were only able to catch a big Spanish mackerel. I later tried the deeper water and with in moments we were fighting a big one. After noticing several tailing sailfish go by I thought Werner was fighting one. The fish was splashing all over the surface. A few moments later the fish was at the boat. I ran to get my camera and to my astonishment there was a 30lb wahoo, with Werner lifting his head out of the water. I quickly ran and grabbed the gaff to boat this beautiful fish. This was the second wahoo I have caught with in weeks of each other. It has been several years previous to this since I have captured one live baiting off our coast. So we soaked the kites for about an hour longer and Jimmy finally got his sailfish. All smiles after this.

  On March 11 I went fishing with a good friend, Tony. He’s an avid Miami Heat fan so I picked him up the next day after there victory. The wind was going around 20 knots out of the east. So we took our time chugging out the inlet. When we reached the edge of the reef there were several birds working. Tony later noticed a frigate bird diving on the water. I ran out to the bird and there were some flying fish getting up. So I threw out a live bait and Tony threw his bait. With in seconds we had a nice double header dolphin. The fish were about 18 and 25lbs. We later tried a shipwreck but unfortunately the sharks were so thick we only landed a couple snappers. After we gave up on the wreck we did one final drift in lieu of a dolphin or maybe a wahoo. After about an hour of drifting I looked back and saw a big fish crashing the bait. A short while after both lines jolted off. It was a double header sailfish. I ended up losing mine but Tony’s fished stayed on. Not bad for a morning half day.

  I have a few trips booked for March but still have plenty of dates available. If you feel the urge to go fishing ,pick up the phone and give me a call.


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