Hot and Sunny

Report Date: August 7, 2017

Fishing has been very productive the whole month of July. The weather has been stable with winds predominately out of the southeast between 5-15mph and plenty of Florida Sunshine. I was fortunate to do a couple Bahama trips and also plenty of local trips.

Earlier in the month I did a Bimini trip with regular clients for a couple days. The first day we did some deep dropping to the north east of Bimini. It was on the slow side because the wind was fighting the current. Later in the day we anchored up on the edge of the reef. In a short amount of time we captured grouper, yellowtail snappers, big amberjacks, houndfish, barracuda, and trigger fish just to name a few. The second day the plan was to go deep dropping in front of Bimini and then look for mahi on the way home. This time we were on the Lee side of the island which prevailed much better conditions and less wind. In two hours of fishing we captured mystic grouper, yellow eye , vermillion, button, and queen snapper. On the way home I spotted frigate birds and some terns mixed in. There we caught 12 mahi mahi up to 35lbs that were following a green sea turtle. This capped off a good end to the trip and the crew had plenty of meat to take home with them.

  Fishing Miami has been very productive early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The preferred technique has been trolling small feathers and sea witches with bonita strips behind them. On an average half day we have been catching a limit of kings and all the bonitas you want. There haven�t been many wahoos around but I have a feeling this will change shortly coming on the full moon in August. In past years this is the best time to target them with average sizes being anywhere from 25-50lb.

  For the trophy hunter there are still plenty of large game sharks around and some giant barracudas hanging on top of the ship wrecks.

Inshore has been producing plenty of large snook in the inlets and under bridges as August is the month the big females come out to spawn.

As you can see there are many different types of fishing we can do this time of year. Whether it be action, catching giant trophy fish, or grocery shopping we will cater to your needs.


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