Happy Easter

Report Date: April 1, 2013

I hope everyone had a great easter. For the first time in a long while I was able to take a day off and spend some time with my family. The past couple months have been crazy for me. I have been fishing every day. We are in the peak season for South Florida. Business is good and the fishing is great!

Two weeks ago I did a Bahama trip to the Berry Islands. We fished three days with a large group of people. The winds were out of the north, which is not ideal ,but we dealt with what we were given. The best wind is from the south east which pushes the baitfish and clean water up tight to the bank. We had to run farther than anticipated to find the fish but we managed to produce big numbers of dolphin and wahoo each day. Over the three days we fished we caught 60 mahis from 12-45lbs. and 6 wahoos up to 35lbs. If you are interested in doing a Bahamas trip over the next couple weeks, Chub Cay is the place to go. It is not uncommon to catch a grand slam of billfish( blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish). The dolphin fishing is along the best of anywhere in the world. Some times the blue ocean turns green from the giant schools of mahi mahi you see under the boat. Chub Cay is a beautiful island and is only a 1 hour flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

  The fishing in Miami has really turned around the last few weeks. Spring time conditions are here. Blue water has pushed in close with a strong north current . These conditions bring a large assortment of game fish to our waters.

The shark fishing has been excellent over the past month. March- May are our best months for hammerheads, threshers, makos, and bull sharks. If you soak your baits in the deep water you are just about guaranteed to get a bite this time of year. We�ve had several charters this month who specifically requested to target trophy sharks. Luckily we have had great luck and were able to catch these magnificent game fish each trip. We let the sharks go to conserve them so our children will have a chance to catch them later in life. Fortunately, the taxidermies do not need you to kill the fish anymore to make a trophy mount. All you have to do is give them the measurements and within a few months you can have a beautiful mount delivered to your door step.

  Sailfishing has been the best its been all year. I think we are going to continue to see large amounts of sailfish into late May due to the lack, earlier in the season. Boats are starting to catch double digits which is a great sign to see. Big schools of bonitas, kingfish, and dolphin are also showing up. It is not uncommon to catch 10-12 different species of fish in April and May. Our gulfstream pushed in tight is like a highway for pelagics. Dolphin, wahoo, tuna, cobia, sailfish, bonita, kingfish, sharks, and marlin are all migrating south in front of Miami to find there next destination.

  From now through the end of May is when we have our best fishing off the coast of South Florida. If you like action and variety now is the time. Do to the proximity of the gulf stream we have a very short run to the action. Lots of good fishing close to shore is why Miami is a mecca for sportfishing.


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