Calm Seas and Good Fishing

Report Date: August 11, 2014

We are now in the heat of the summer and the weather has been beautiful. Sunny skies, and calm water has been a great recipe for some excellent fishing.

The beginning of this month entailed some fantastic mahi mahi fishing. We were catching all the schoolie dolphin you wanted and a fare share of gaffers mixed in. Unfortunately this didn�t last long. Towards the middle of the month the dolphin became scarce so we had to change our tactics.

  I do quite a bit of trolling this time of year because it can be very hot and miserable drifting in still water with the sun baking on you. Trolling allows us to cover more ground and meander into different water columns. Once we find a depth or area that looks promising we will pound it out for a while. We have been doing very well with this method. On the troll we have been catching plenty of little tunny, kingfish, wahoo, and surprisingly quite a few sailfish. There was one week where we were seeing sailfish every trip.

  The wreck fishing has been very good when the current is running. On the wrecks there have been some big amberjacks, groupers, snappers, and sharks. Most of the deeper wrecks outside of two hundred feet have been holding most of the fish.

  I was able to make one trip to Bimini in the past month. After we checked into the island we decided to do some deep dropping in 5-600 ft. I drove by the spot and was marking a lot of fish on the sounder. With in seconds of the first drop the rod tip was bouncing like crazy. We pulled up four nice yelloweyes at one time. An hour later we had pile of yelloweye snappers, vermillions, and buttons in the boat.
The next day we fished the gingerbread grounds. I anchored the boat in 60ft of water and deployed the chum bag. There we caught some big yellowtail snapper, sharks, barracudas, trigger fish, and cero mackerel. A little bit later in the day when the sun was lower some big kingfish moved in. For about an hour before dark we had ten big kingfish in the boat from 30-44 lb. It was lock and load. Most of the kings were caught drifting dead ballyhoo but we did catch some on pilchards and goggle eyes. On the way back home we found a pallet floating and were able to catch 20 gaffer dolphin. It was a great trip and the water was grease calm.

  For the next few month�s the weather should stay calm unless there is a tropical storm or a hurricane approaching. This is a good time of year to target swordfish or make a Bahama trip. There should also be good bottom fishing and reef fishing. As the kids are gearing back into school mode I still have a few weekend trips available.

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Capt. Fred David


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