Bonitas Are Biting!

Report Date: September 1, 2013

We are coming towards the end of summer and fall is almost here! The weather has been phenomenal the past few weeks. Calm Seas and lots of sun. Typically in the summer months of South Florida the seas are flat with the occasional afternoon thunder storms. This has been the norm practically all of August.
August- October is offseason in Miami. The kids are back in school and the snow birds are up north. Fortunately I have been able to get plenty of days in on the water.

The action on the reef has been on fire the past few weeks. My typical trip this time of year consists of trolling the reef for and then wandering offshore in hopes for finding dolphin or bottom fishing on our artificial wrecks and reefs. This breaks up the trip and makes the day go by much faster.

The bonita fishing has been off the charts the past month. We are averaging 10-30 bonitas per morning. The average fish being around 8 lbs. I have not seen such an abundance of bonitas in many years. The bonita(little tunny) are in the tuna family but they are non edible. They are a great fight on light tackle and artificials. If its action you want these are the fish to target. While fishing for the bonita you still have a chance to catch kingfish, tuna, and wahoo. There are also some big sharks following these schooling fish.

  The past few offshore trips, we have been successful in landing dolphin. Opposite from the bonitas mahi mahi are excellent table fare. They have been abundant under floating debris, birds, and sea weed. There have been a lot of undersized dolphin around but in big schools you can weed through the small ones to catch your keeper size fish. In my opinion the smaller dolphin taste a lot better then the big ones.

  September and October are by far the best months of the year to catch deep water grouper. Snowy grouper, kitty mitchells, yellow edge groupers, and warsaw groupers can be found fishing chunks of bait on the bottom in 400-600ft. of water.

If you are a big game hunter we are also coming up to the peak season for swordfish. September-November is when our migration of swordfish come to play in our local waters. We can target these mysterious creatures in the day time or at night. Your chances are pretty good when the conditions prevail.

As you can see our options are endless while fishing the gulfstream waters of South Florida. Whether it be action or big game hunting the choice is up to you. Novice, children, and professional anglers are always welcome aboard the Frick and Frack. Our skilled crew will provide a learning experience for all ages. Lets take advantage of what the fall will give us and make some enjoyable memories! Look forward to fishing with you.

Capt. Freddie David


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