Beautiful Mayweather

Report Date: May 1, 2021

The weather for May this year was awesome. 85 and sunny with lots of action.

Most of the fishing we have been doing lately are with Live baits deployed from kites, and flat lines with live threadfin, pilchard, and cigar minnows. We are fishing mainly 20 lb test catching some big blackfin tuna

and sailfish

Most of the fish are biting between 100-200 ft of water.

Further offshore under birds and sargassum have been some nice mahi mahi

almaco jacks, skipjack and blackfin tuna up to about thirty pounds. Average between 8-12 lbs right now. There have also been some big yellowfin tuna hooked and caught over the last couple days. You never know what you are going to see out there.

The other day while kitefishing just outside of South Beach in 140 ft of water we saw an estimated 100 lb swordfish free jump 6-8 times right next to the boat. What a sight to see.

Take advantage of the calm seas while the fish are chewing and lets go fishing !!


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