Autumn is here

Report Date: October 1, 2010

At last, fall is here! With the temperatures cooling down in the north east the fish are finally starting to push southbound.

I haven't fished the past few days due to the predominant north east winds at 20-25 mph.This gave me some quality time to spend with my family. We chose to take a road trip into Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina. We were lucky enough to make our first stop at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. This was a 250 million dollar project which opened in 2006. The aquarium housed thousands of marine life from baby tropical fish all the way to giant whale sharks and beluga whales. There were over 800 million gallons of water flowing thru this place. We then headed up to the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina where the weather was outstanding. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was an average of 60 degrees. We visited Bristol Caverns in Tennessee, Grandfather mountain and Blowing Rocks North Carolina. There were some breathtaking views up there which made me realize how beautiful mother nature is.

We were lucky enough to squeeze a night of swordfishing in when I got back. The North east winds must have driven in some good swordfish. That night we caught three swords from 190lbs - 325 lbs and lost another fish we fought for over an hour.

I have also heard of some good reports of wahoo in the Bahamas. One boat caught ten fish in a half day ranging from 30-50 lbs.

I hope this is some foreshadowing of what's going to come this fall. Great fishing with some unforgettable memories.

October is one of my favorite months for swordfish. There are also some sailfish showing up with some nice dolphin mixed in.

Lets make your dreams come true and experience what Florida sport fishing has to offer.



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